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Piankatank River Golf Club offers Single, Family, Young Professional, Debit, and Junior membership packages.

Benefits include:


  • No Initiation fees
  • Unlimited Green Fees
  • Unlimited Use of Practice Facility
  • Charging Privileges-Golf/F&B
  • 15% off all Soft Goods in the Pro Shop
  • 25% off all Clubhouse Rental Fees
  • Member Discount on Club Sponsered Golf Outings 
  • No Monthly Minimum Spending Limits
  • Special Offers to Exclusive Member Only Events
  • 10-Day Advance Tee Time Reservations
  • Automatically Invited to all Social Events
  • Automatically Eligible to Participate in Club Golf Events
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • This Week at Piankatank

Membership Packages

Type Cost  
Single 5 / Month  
Option covers members living in the same household with their school-age dependents through college or through the age of 23, whichever comes first
0 / Month  
Young Professional
For young adults from the age of 24 to 35
0/Month or 5/Month for Couples  
For children and young adults through the age of 22
/ Month  
If you pay your membership in full annually you will receive ONE MONTH FREE!
Offer expires Feb 14, 2021
Type Cost  
off Public Rates, Charging Privileges-Golf/F&B
Debit member is responsible for returning balance to 00 once account is below 0 and must be paid in full by January 20th of the following year or forfeit membership. Refunds will not be given.

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