Hole by Hole

Hole 1 - Dogleg Left Par 4
From the white tees to the tree line at the end of the fairway measures 250 yards. Most players can hit a driver off the tee. the second shot is uphill to a narrow but deep green that slopes from back to front.

Hole 2 - Straight Par 5
Favor the left side of the fairway off the tee. Fairway slopes from left to right. Your second shot must carry the wetlands area. Most players will lay up with a fairway wood, leaving a wedge shot to the green.

Hole 3 - Dogleg Right Par 4
Tee shot should favor the left hand side. Fairway slopes from left to right. Club selection is important on your second shot. Add ten yards to your shot if the pin is back. Subtract ten yards if the pin is up front.

Holes 4-6Hole 4 - Dogleg Right Par 4
A downhill tee shot to the narrow fairway guarded by wetlands on the right hand side. Most players hit a fairway wood or long iron off the tee which leaves a short iron to the green.

Hole 5 - Short Downhill Par 3
This hole puts a premium on distance. If you are short, your ball will end up in the wetlands area. A shot that is long will leave you a difficult downhill chip back to the green.

Hole 6 - Straight Par 4
This hole is guarded by a large fairway bunker on the left and a long greenside bunker to the right. The green is deep and slopes down from the back to front. Most players can reach this green in two shots with a driver and short iron.

Holes 7-9Hole 7 - Par 3
A demanding par three hole requiring a tee shot over the pond in front to a large green that offers a variety of pin placements.

Hole 8 - Long Dogleg Left Par 4
Probably the most difficult par four on the course. Favor the right hand side of the fairway off the tee. The entire left hand side of the fairway is guarded by wetlands. Your second shot with a long iron or fairway wood must carry the wetlands to a small green.

Hole 9 - Long Over Water Par 5
Your tee shot must carry the wetland area in front of the tee. On the second shot, most players will play a lay up shot to the right side with a fairway wood or long iron leaving a wedge shot to a small green.

Holes 10-12Hole 10 - Dogleg Left Par 4
Slight downhill dogleg left with a fairway that slopes from right to left that will add yardage to most tee shots. Your second shot will be to a small green guarded by a bunker in front.

Hole 11 - Dogleg Left Par 5
A driver off the tee and three wood second shot will leave most players a wedge shot to the green on their third shot. Keep the ball to the right side on this hole because of the wetlands to the left off the tee, and waste bunker that parallels the entire left side of the fairway.

Hole 12 - Straight Par 4
There is a fairway bunker on the left and both sides of the fairway are tree lined requiring an accurate tee shot. Your second shot is to a small green with a bunker in front.

Holes 13-15Hole 13 - Short Dogleg Left Par 4
Most players should hit a fairway wood or long iron from the tee to avoid the water on the left and the bunkers to the right. This will leave you a wedge shot to a large green guarded by water on the left side.

Hole 14 - Short Par 3
A demanding short par three with water in front and the Piankatank River in the back.

Hole 15 - Dogleg Right Par 4
A lay up tee shot for the long hitter, because the wetlands crosses the fairway behind the bunker on the right side. If you position your tee shot down the left hand side of the fairway, it will open up your second shot to the green.

Holes 16-18
Hole 16
- Long Water Hole Par 5

Favor the right hand side of the fairway off the tee. If you pull or hook your tee shot, the wetlands will come into play. Most golfers should play directly across the wetlands on their second shot leaving a short iron to an undulated green that slopes from front to back.

Hole 17- Par 3
This hole has an elaborate tee complex to a long and narrow green. Therefore, the hole can be played with a long or middle iron depending on tee and pin placement. If the pin is on the left hand side of the green add 10 yards. For a right pin placement subtract 10 yards.

Hole 18 - Straight Par 4
The finishing hole is an average length Par 4 requiring a driver and middle iron for most golfers. There is a wetlands area between the bunker on the right hand side of the green.